HighProductivity.ca: The FAQ

Who are you?

Michael Pilling is the owner/founder/principal/sole employee, officially "the guy". Frequently, trusted associates are brought into projects as developers and designers.

What do you do?

About 75% of my work is done in the context of two different software packages, in which I have very in depth experience as a developer/implementer and as an user. These packages are ServiceCEO and Tikiwiki?. Both are enterprise oriented type highly multifunctional applications that are highly successful in their markets, and deliver great value to businesses and organizations that use them.

About 25% of the time I do "special projects", that involve a mix of business consulting, collaboration and technology.

What skills you you have?

Soft skills and hard skills. I have lots of writing, editing, economic analysis and project management in my CV. Complimenting the work i do with the above packages, I work with MySQL, HTML, CSS, Crystal Reports, and PHP/Smarty most days. With these i am creating business reports, customizing software, managing implementations, designing processes, training users, and generally helping businesses achieve higher levels of efficiency in their operations.

What is your competitive edge?

People skills. Being easy to work with, providing quick response times, being committed to the success of the projects i am engaged on. Minimum BS and bureaucracy, no drama, forward thinking, fair billing, dependable guy.

How long have you been doing this.

Freelancing since 2005.

Where are your clients

Across North America. I use a suite of collaboration and communication technologies, including planes trains and automobiles as needed to get the job done. The bulk of the work is done remotely.

Where am I based

In scenic Thunder Bay, Ontario.

What are your rates?

Comparable with other IT professionals. Some projects are quoted.

Company History?

Past Projects?