Highproductivity.ca helps companies best organize, manage and benefit from the information-rich world that technology offers.

As an independent technology consultant, I provide hardware, software and websites that work for businesses and groups.

Services: General IT Consulting, Business Intelligence Enterprise software such as ServiceCEO for the Service Industry.
Specialized Services:data conversion, crystal reports /customized business reports, software implementation, wiki / social software and web development.

Michael Pilling, Lead Consultant

Based in Ontario, serving clients across North America.

Software for the Service Industry As one of the top implementation specialists for ServiceCEO, Michael Pilling has worked on dozens of major projects to transform the information core of businesses, so they can do stuff like turn an estimate into a work order with a single click. ServiceCEO provides real-time reporting on teams, projects, and inventories and supports mobile handsets for tracking and updating jobs. more

Wiki Developer How do you coordinate your groups, plans and and projects? On cost benefit terms, open source based wikis are an excellent value. A wiki can help teams collaborate, aid knowledge creation and preservation, and structure projects, meetings and decisions for faster performance. Learn what the power of wikis can do for you. Wiki Experts