ServiceCEO Consulting

Customer Relationship Management & Small Enterprise Software.

ServiceCEO At A Glance


The Field Service Management Standard
by Insight Direct(external link)

  • Estimate and Sales Control
  • Customer Relationship Management and Data Storage
  • Internal Task Management
  • Project Management
  • Job Management
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Sales, Business and Marketing Tracking and Reporting
  • Data Management and Security
  • Inventory Management
  • Service Contract Sales and Management
  • On-Site Equipment Tracking
  • Employee Management
  • Accounting
  • Enterprise

ServiceCEO Consulting

ServiceCEO is the market leading business application for service oriented businesses. Whether it is IT Consulting, HVAC, Cleaning, Landscaping, Maintenance, Renovations, Construction, Home Security, or Delivery - any business that provides on site services to a large number of locations will love ServiceCEO. It guides, organizes, tracks, and manages - taking most of the busywork out of serving a large client base.

ServiceCEO integrates with Quickbooks so you can go from contact to quote to dispatch to invoice to payment without ever entering the same data twice. HighProductivity.ca is a leading implementation specialist for ServiceCEO, providing implementation project planning and support, custom report design, hardware installation and configuration, user training and remote support.

An Independent Consultant Has Your Best Interests In Mind

Highproductivity does not sell ServiceCEO - it is by a Boston based Company Insight Direct(external link) - as an independent consultant, Michael will give you straight up advice on whether this is the right fit for your company, because unlike the software maker, who gets their money at the time of sale, our business is about making it work (and work better) for our clients. There is no benefit to us in recommending a package that doesn't fit. We do recommend you call here before you buy. See our ServiceCEO Review.

Key ServiceCEO Features

Job Management

ServiceCEO is a powerful job scheduling software program designed to help service businesses manage the estimating, scheduling, dispatching, and billing of all their jobs and work orders. ServiceCEO has all the job management features you need to easily manage all your jobs from start to finish.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage customer information in one place. Get real-time access to all customer contact information, job details, service history, invoice and payment details, and much more.

Marketing Management

Drive sales and gain visibility by tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Reports and Analysis

ServiceCEO's easy-to-use and powerful reporting engine builds customized marketing, accounting, and employee data reports.

Reporting tools allow you to create custom reports that will help you leverage your customer database. Pull up customer listing reports that give you visibility into jobs completed by the day, week, or month. Segment customer lists by business unit or location, customer type, and customer status.

Manage accounts receivable with ease. ServiceCEO will provide you with the current balance for your accounts, along with aging information.

Mobile Access

You and your employees can use an iPhone, iPad, or Android devices on the go to access and update all the important information needed while on the job.

ServiceCEO Screenshots

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Customer Management
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Job Calendar
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Completion Board