ServiceCEO Reviews

I have been using ServiceCEO since 2005, at first with a previous employer, and then for my own business. In my observation, ServiceCEO provides good value for service based industries in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 teams/workers on the road. The single best thing it does for many companies that adopt it is replace the paper or MS outlook or spreadsheet based calendar of jobs that have to be done. It also can greatly reduce the "paper insanity" that still floods some offices that have piles of work orders and invoices all over the place.

What service CEO does for me is allow me to quickly key in the details of a job or proposed job, and send out a nicely formatted work order or estimate. Nowadays it will take me 2-5 minutes to do something like that. It then keeps track of that job, and i can sort it according to its status and look at all the jobs in a number of different screens, some formatted like a day-timer, some are sorted lists, some are filtered for city or neighborhood or which team has been assigned to it. The main thing is that nothing ever gets lost.

When the job is physically done, then i can review and close it in 1-2 minutes, and presto, the invoice is ready to print or can be emailed to the customer. If i want to save all the billing for later there is a billing center that keeps the invoices organized until it is time to do that. I don't manage parts for my business but there are components in the system for punching out purchase orders and tracking inventory. Really after you adopt ServiceCEO there is no need at all for tracking paper in the office. Right now i have some mail on my desk, a couple books, a number of stickies and that is about all there ever is. Everything important is in the database. One of the best points of the system is that come tax time, (since 2009 when I stepped up from quicken Home and Business) I am exporting all the sales and costs to Quickbooks, I make sure my monthly reconciliations are done as usual, expenses are categorized, and that is it. The tax forms are ready to print.

Overall, I know some people who have had a hard time with business software. No system or software is going to be perfect for everyone, there will always be one thing that it can't do. You also have to commit to getting it up and running - a non-trivial investment of sweat and frustration. But in the long run the investment of money and effort paid off - probably within the first year and now if a customer calls and wants a list of everything that was done in the last year for example, i can readily send that list formatted six different ways.

These are the characteristics of a good fit for ServiceCEO

  • A company with 5-50 trucks/crews/jobs on the go.
  • A tech savy person willing to drive the project to implement.
  • The more that you do the same thing the same way for a large number of jobs, the easier it will be to implement.
  • scheduling, billing and customer management are your "pain points".
  • someone has the spare capacity (hours in the week) to make the transition.
  • key staff that are not afraid of change.
  • the existing office/accounting/data management software and tools in use are common off the shelf packages.

These are the characteristics of a risky implementation for ServiceCEO (or any other software)

  • unwilling to change business practices.
  • not primarily a going places & doing stuff company.
  • converting from custom built, very old, or entirely paper based systems.
  • no "techies" in house.
  • companies in transition (mergers, buyouts, management changes)
  • huge parts lists (greater than 10,000 items)
  • a company that does mainly very large projects (months and years, multiple phases)